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"WARNING: Don't even THINK of building log homes, log cabins or starting your log homes plans before reading this. The CRITICAL things overlooked could cost you BIG!"

Finally! Save time and money with almost an HOUR of a Comprehensive Resource for TRUSTED information about Log Homes and Log Cabins!

Dear Future Log Home Owner,

If you think you can just pick out log homes or log cabins, sign the dotted line, and move in – WRONG! It just doesn't work that way.

Buying log homes and log cabins can be overwhelming. There's so much information out there, it's tough to know where to start.

And even if you do find some "resources", it's difficult to know which ones you can trust, since the log home manufacturers are behind many of them. And the rest of the resources contain spotty, incomplete information at best – only useful if you spend hours and hours sorting through it.

Trust me. When I was researching my own log home, I spent 371 hours doing it (yes, I actually kept track – and that's the lowball estimate ... it may have even been more). Hours on log log homes and log cabins pricing, plans, kits, designs, construction, floor plans, contractors, foundations, and lots and lots MORE!
From Log Home builders up Michigan, Log Homes NV, Log Homes IA, Log Homes Tennessee and every other state. Log home energey efficiency, log home living, american log homes and log modular homes.The list is endless!

The Log Home Buyers Guide

That's why the Log Home Buyers Guide was made – so that log homebuyers can have access to a comprehensive, one-stop source for all the information they need to prepare themselves for the major purchase of buying or building a log home or log cabin.

Since the process, procedures and ideas for log home purchases are always changing, our goal is to become the place where people come when they first set out to buy log homes or purchase a log home kits. We know how confusing it can be since there are so many factors involved. We want to simplify the process and shed light on it, saving log home purchasers both time and money.

Introducing “The Log Home Buyers Guide” on Compact Disc

In order to save log homebuyers time and money, we've created a CD that tells you exactly what you need to know when building or purchasing a Log Home or Log Cabin. You'll learn about all the pitfalls to avoid in the log home buying process. All 371 hours of my personal research have been condensed into a program that's almost an hour long!

If you've tried to do any of your own research already, you know how confusing it can be. There's a big difference in manufacturers. A big difference in the logs themselves. A big difference in contractors – and on and on. And all of this information is CRITICAL to your having a log home that will function the way you want it to – and one that will LAST for many, many years to come!

Here's What You'll Learn from our 371 Hours of Research

  • 21 different “need to know” facts about log home kits – just this information alone can save you thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of your time.
  • Need help deciding on placement of your log home? Here are several things to consider.
  • Save thousands by doing background checks on the companies you might want to hire or purchase from – I'll show you where you can find out all you need to know to be sure you can trust them.
  • 3 different levels of involvement in building your log home – determine which is right for you, which will save you money, and which will save you time.
  • 3 ways to build your log home – and the one that will save you at least 20% off the total ticket price.
  • Log home manufacturer or dealer? Does it matter? Discover the easy way to determine whom you're dealing with – and which one can likely save you a pretty penny.
  • The best, most useful resources on the web for log home buyers – you don't want to buy a log home without checking these out – they can save you time, money, and keep you from getting scammed!
  • Can you use any floor plan for a log home? How to find out if the floor plan you love is going to work for the log home of your dreams.
  • Best ways to search for Log Home Floor Plans – and that one thing that could save you $100's of dollars when you find one.
  • The ONE thing you ABSOLUTELY MUST do with any floor plan you want to use. Don't miss this step! It can cost you big!
  • One of the BIGGEST, most expensive mistakes people make when it comes to log homes and HOW to avoid it up front – BEFORE you build.
  • What you need to know about moisture, including: How much moisture is too much? Does moisture REALLY cause settling in your logs? What can you do up front to avoid any problems with settling in the future so you don't have to tear your home down?
  • The leading causes of termites and 12 ways to help prevent them.
  • The 6 most important things to know when it comes to kits when you buy them from the manufacturer – this will save you hundreds of dollars (if not thousands).
  • Do kits come with foundations? Should they? What about electrical wiring? Do they include prices for shipping/freight? If not, how do you handle these issues?
  • What to ask about freight – you NEED to make sure your kit arrives THIS way … otherwise, you can be in a HEAP of trouble!
  • Where to get windows if your log home kit does not come with them – and the best way to save money on them – this can save you a lot of money, too.
  • What you need to know about stairs – what you should expect in terms of their arrival.
  • One thing you might miss on “freight arrival day” if you're not hiring a contractor – and it's YOUR responsibility!
  • How to intelligently decide on which type of wood to use for your log home. Some are better than others – learn the pros and cons of each so you end up with what you bargain for.
  • Learn how logs are dried and how it affects the moisture content – and why this is essential to your home's long-term health.
  • How to save money on roofing - 10 to 15 dollars per square foot!
  • One thing you MUST be aware of when roofing is installed – if you don't pay attention to this, you can end up with costly water damage and moisture problems.
  • Are termites a bigger problem for log homes than for traditionally constructed homes? What you can do to minimize or eliminate any possible termite problems.
  • Why hollow concrete blocks are BAD for your piers – and what to use instead.
  • Why your A/C is an area that can BREED termites if you're not careful – what you need to do to avoid termites here.
  • Tree Stumps and scrap wood from construction – why you don't want to make this common mistake with their disposal.
  • Contracts – what to ask and when to walk away from one. Do you need to go to a lawyer? Is it worth the cost? 7 important things to pay special attention to in your contract.
  • What most warranties REALLY mean. Don't be fooled by what you THINK it says.
  • What happens when you want to make changes to your log home? Know what to expect BEFORE you get in deep.
  • Paying your contractor – the one thing that you should NEVER do. You could lose big!
  • Arbitration clauses – what they are, what you need to know about them and how to handle them so that you don't end up getting screwed.
  • Why your overhang is important on your house. How big it needs to be. This is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.
  • Can you or should you use a slab for your foundation? Why or why not? Things you need to know about your foundation to avoid BIG problems later on.
  • Can you build a basement in your log home? Is it practical? 3 things to consider.
  • Do this 1 thing when building your chimney and fireplace and save $8,000 to $10,000.
  • Which type of lender should you use when borrowing money to build a log home? Why is this so much better than any other lender?
  • The most common mistakes before you ever get the chance to make them! Hear tips from experienced log homebuyers – they'll tell you their mistakes and what you can do to avoid them before you build.

Who I Am

My name is Christi Sealey, and I am a Log Home Lover just like you. I created The Log Home Buyers Guide because I was exactly where you are now - wanting a log home and not having any information all put together in one place. Using my research, I have put together and unbiased collection of information to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your dream log home.

Our Guarantee – If You don't Save 10 Times what you pay for this program, You Get Your Money Back!

If you don't save at least 10 times the amount you pay for this program, send it back and I will refund your money. I am certain that you will find so much useful information in this CD guide, that there's just no way you're going to return it. Even just one or two of the strategies I give will save you thousands!

Save between $8,137 and $10,753 on just One Recommendation

There's one tip in this program that will save you between $8,137 and $10,753 alone. Many of the other ones are worth thousands of dollars in savings as well.

Using my top 5 easiest to implement money saving techniques, you'll save an average of $3,793.00.

And don't forget about the time you save – that's money, too. And there's simply the hassles of not having to worry about doing something the wrong way or forgetting about something important. When you purchase “The Log Home Buyers Guide” cd, you're purchasing peace of mind – and it's guaranteed, too.

So since we're asking just $21.77 for this program, we can't honestly think of ANY reason you wouldn't feel this product would be worth that much. If there is some objection to this cost, PLEASE let us know your rationale by emailing us!

Get Your “Log Home Buyers Guide”CD Now – and be 371 hours closer to owning your log home today!

Don't pass this opportunity by – there is no other unbiased source out there with all of this information in one place. Don't open yourself up to the hundreds of costly mistakes you can make by NOT hearing this “The Log Home Buyers Guide” information. You will end up signing contracts that will obligate you and are not designed to protect the consumer. You will end up with warranties you THINK cover your log home, but really may not.

You could end up getting screwed. At best, you'll end up spending hundreds of hours wasting your time doing research I've already done for you.

At only $21.77 for the 371 hours of research put into this cd guide, you're only paying 10 cent per hour!!! And this information can save you thousands of dollars. Plus, since you can get your money back if you don't save at least $21.77 using the information contained in the cd, what are you waiting for? But we know you will save LOTS more. Get 371 hours closer to buying your log home today.

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To Your Dream Home Success,

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